Apple Maps
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Apple Maps is a relative newcomer in comparison to other navigation apps. But, it is a valuable addition to your iPhone. It comes pre-configured and with a slew of privacy-enhancing features. Apple Maps has to provide many important features that are hidden within the app. Add-ons that make it easier to plan a trip, such as assistance for ride-sharing services, and street-level exploration are some that you wouldn’t have known.  Apple Maps users will benefit greatly from the following 15 helpful hints.

Touchscreen Gestures

Knowing which gestures can assist you to get out of your current location, can make it easier for you to use Apple Maps. Swapping in one way or another can indeed physically shift the map display, as you are probably aware, but there are additional effects that you should be aware of. For many apps, the pinch-to-zoom feature comes in handy the most. Zooming in or out is as simple as moving your fingers apart or closer together on the screen. The orientation of the map may be changed by tapping using two fingers and rotating them in a circular motion. Swiping up and down using two fingers simultaneously may also vary the tilt level and make a 2D map into a 3D one.

Apple’s Take On Street View

However, Apple Maps also offers a similar feature called “Look Around,” which it shares with Google Maps. In essence, it’s the same thing: you locate a spot on the map and see it from the viewpoint of someone who’s already there. It’s easy to get to. There is a square with binoculars in the middle left when you look for a place. When you do, you’ll be sent to the street level in a pop-up window. It’s possible to enlarge this window to fit your whole screen by touching the button at the top left corner. It’s just as simple to go about using Look Around. To move the camera around and in full screen, simply press the desired location. You may instantaneously teleport to a location on the map by tapping it in the pop-up box.

Build your own collections and guides

With Apple Maps, it’s easier than ever to arrange a trip or a day out together with friends and family. Using the Collections function, you can organize and share all of your information in one location. You may accomplish this by typing Museums into the search bar and then selecting one of the results that appear. As soon as you’ve discovered anything you like, look for a box that reads Guides and click on it. When prompted, type a name for the guide and then press Create in the upper right corner of the screen. With a single swipe, you may add any new destinations to this collection. You may access your collections later by bringing the search bar menu just at bottom of your screen & scrolling down until you reach the My Guides area.

Publish your arrival time On Apple Maps

The sooner you let someone know when you’ll be arriving at your location, the better. Apple Maps, like many other apps, provides real-time updates on your expected arrival time. Tap the arrow on the lower right corner of your screen and select Share ETA while navigation is engaged. As soon as you choose a contact, you’ll see the term Sharing appear in a blue circle around their profile image. As soon as you return to your map, you’ll notice a line at its bottom indicating that you’re sharing the map. In addition, Apple Maps does not allow the contact to follow your location, and you may cease sharing at any moment. As a result, they receive text messages with the expected arrival time, as well as updates in the event of a sudden increase in traffic.

Find Useful Stuff Near You

Using Apple Maps’ Nearby function, you can quickly discover nearby attractions and services, whether you’re visiting a new location or simply want to explore something new. It’s also simple to use: Look for the Find Nearby area under the Search bar just at bottom of your screen. A quick tap on a category will do a search in your immediate vicinity for that specific item. Other options are gas stations, COVID-19 immunization locations, restaurants, and parking lots.

Find your parking spot On Apple Maps

If you’re parked in a large parking lot, it might be difficult to locate your vehicle. For those who don’t have access to CarPlay or Bluetooth while driving, Apple Maps can take care of this task for you. Location Services must be enabled by going to the Settings menu, privacy, and then location services. There, go to System Services > Significant Locations and enable that—you may need your Face/Touch ID or passcode at this step. Finally, return to the main Settings menu and select Apple Maps > Show Parked Location from the drop-down menu. Apple Maps will keep track of where you are whenever your phone is disconnect from the automobile. Open Maps, select Search > Parked Car and locate your vehicle. You’ll be able to locate your vehicle on a map and obtain driving instructions if you so want.